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Hearn Hi-Performance Supplies Quality Angry Farmer Products

Find an Angry Farmer products dealer, at Hearn Hi-Performance. Angry Farmer products are made in the USA and designed to loosen, protect, and break free frozen parts. They are born from the oil fields and the farm and made to surpass any expectations. As an authorized dealer, we are proud to provide these top-of-the-line products to our customers. If you would like to purchase Angry Farmer products, call (814) 445-9003 or Mike’s cell at (814) 279-5922. Please feel free also to  contact us online.

Here Are the Benefits of Using Angry Farmer Products

Angry Farmer products are made from quality materials and ingredients in oil fields and farms. In these locations, materials are only of the best quality, and that is what Angry Farmer strives for. These products can penetrate any defect in your race car or equipment, providing a new paint job and finish. You can restore a vibrant shine and protect your off-road equipment with Angry Farmer products. Our customers deserve a quality penetrating spray for those hard to manage situations.

Angry Farmer products can get the job done promptly to keep your products looking new.

Angry Farmer products can get the job done promptly to keep your products looking new.

Hearn Hi-Performance Offers Top-Notch Angry Farmer Products

Local residents use Angry Farmer products for a variety of projects. The major benefits of using Angry Farmer products are:



If you need these products, give us a call during regular business hours to see what we have available. As a proud authorized Angry Farmer products dealer, our team is here to answer any questions you may have.

We Proudly Serve the Great People of Central Pennsylvania

Hearn Hi-Performance proudly serves Somerset, Bedford, Westmoreland, and Cambria counties. We are a proud authorized dealer of Angry Farmer products and more. Our staff strives to inform our customers about what these products offer. We take our customers’ needs very seriously and always go above and beyond to serve them. Hearn Hi-Performance is proud to provide the following services to our loyal customers:

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